UC Browser Support

Owned by the Alibaba Group in the year 2004, UC Browser is a browser for mobile phones. It was designed by UCWeb, a Chinese mobile Internet company. UC Browser is available in a large number of platforms like Android, Windows, Blackberry, and iOs.

Aid in the configuration proces

We remotely help in the browser configuration process

Troubleshoot of the bothersome issues

We fix the erratic browsers’ and optimize their performance

Assistance in the up-gradation

We help in upgrading the new versions of browsers

Tackling the Incompatibility

We deal with the operating system and browser compatibility issues

Install and/or un-install

Browsers are installed and uninstalled

Configure security settings

We help in configuring the security settings.

We Build Smarter Highly Usable Stuff!

It makes use of data compression technology and cloud acceleration. The servers of UC Browser act as a proxy and compresses the data of all the web pages before sending the same to the users. This ensures that the web pages load faster. UC Browser has more than 500 million users around the world, out of which 300 million are Android users. The majority of its users are in China and India.

Problem Faced By UC Browser Users

UC Browser is preferred by millions of users around the world, as it is fast. However, it comes with its share of disadvantages. Some of them are:

  1. Installation is an issue; many users face troubles while installing UC browser in their phones
  2. Configuring the browser is not easy for someone who is using it for the first time
  3. Many users face issues while the browser is upgrading itself
  4. Privacy is another issue that UC Browsers face and it was published in a report that this browser leaked information.

Security is one of the biggest issues with UC Browser users. Users enjoy the speed of the browser and would like to continue using it. However, it is important that UCWeb works on the security and privacy issues.

Resolutions Provided by Tech Gega’s UC Browser Support
Whether you are using the UC Browser or any other Browser, we offer you the following:

  1. We helping in installing, re-installing, and uninstalling UC Browser on your phone
  2. We also help in configuring the browser on the phone and this is something that we can do remotely
  3. While solving the security issues completely is not in our hands, we configure your security settings to make the browser as secure as possible
  4. Many times, the UC Browser acts funny, it is not easy to understand the reason behind it, we help solve such issues too
  5. We can help if UC Browser is not working in your phone, be its Android, Windows, iOs, or any other platform
  6. If you are unable to upgrade your browser on phone, you can call us, and we would do it for you

Here, at Tech Gega, our professionals have many years of experience in dealing with technology. They can solve all your browser-related problems.

Wondering how? Call simply on the toll-free UC Browser tech support phone number, at Tech Gega to experience fastest resolution in the lowest amount and quickest time.

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