Brief about Service Plans

Subject to these Terms and Conditions, any specific plan selected by you makes you entitle to receive our third party technical support by our authorized executives. This service is related to a unique customer ID provided to you in the Welcome email, therefore, you have to provide this ID each time when you contact us. Services of TecgGega include third party support for computers, Windows OS, all the software programs, antivirus, Web browsers, and drivers, etc mentioned at our Service Page. We don’t cover any service for the hardware components and support for peripherals is only limited to their installation on a compatible platform plus drivers.

By default, a plan is applicable to only one well-known computer, laptop, netbook, or Central Processing Unit and its each one set of peripherals. After selecting a plan, TecgGega would immediately send you a Welcome email and contact you by phone or email as soon as possible. You can even schedule the phone call at your convenient time. On the call, you would be guided how to register with TecgGega with your selected plan.

Credit Card Billing

During registration, you are required to pay the plan amount through credit card or debit card directly at our Website or by conveying the credentials to our authorized customer executives over the phone. By providing the Card details at our Website or to our executives, you authorize TecgGega to charge your bank or Credit Card with the notified amount. In addition, you also authorize issuer of your Credit or Debit Card to pay the promised amounts on your behalf without a printed signed receipt, and you have to agree that charges made by TecgGega have to be accepted as your personal authorization to the issuer of credit card for paying all such payments. You are authorizing TecgGega to deduct the charges continuously with respect to the notified amount or its portion until the promised payment is paid completely. You also agree to deliver the latest credit details upon our request any time when your old credit card expires. In addition, TecgGega is not liable for the extra charges while charging your credit card such as insufficient funds. You are even authorize to pay the charges upon providing the Debit Card credentials mistakenly in place of Credit Card. Electronic fund transfer or automatic payment would be made only when you go for such a plan. All the payments are subjected to the terms and conditions established by the issuer of credit/debit card. You also authorize TecgGega to deduct extra charges when any electronic funds transfer or bank draft is returned because of insufficient funds or any other reason whatsoever.

Plan Payments

We would charge the plan amount to provide you services and TecgGega would collect all these plan payments made by you. Plan Amount is payable on per incident basis for Pay Per Incident Plan, and quarterly for the quarterly plan. All payments should be made before taking services.

Denial of Services

TecgGega would not be liable to deliver services under any plan only if the payments for purchasing a plan have not been made. No services would be provided for unregistered computer. You’ve to purchase a separate plan for unregistered computer.

How it works?

You are required to contact us through phone call or chat option in order to inform about any computer problem. You would be connected with an expert technician, he/she would understand your concern first and then check whether you’re a registered customer with us or not. If you’re not registered with us then you first have to purchase a plan to receive our support.

We would deliver technical support through any of these mediums – phone, email, or chat. If the Internet connection is working at your end, then our authorized technicians would access your computer remotely through a trusted Remote Desktop Software. Remote of your PC would be taken and any step would be performed only after obtaining your permission. You would remain the sole owner of your PC all the times at remote control and you can disconnect the remote session at any point of time. After reaching at a result during dealing with your notified concern, a text file, explaining all the steps done at your PC, would be placed at your computer. In addition, we would also send you an email containing this detail. One can retain both the provided text file and email, otherwise you’re free to delete them.


You should understand it clearly that TecgGega doesn’t deliver any door to door service and do not obtain physical possession/ownership of your computer or peripherals. In addition, we don’t deliver support for hardware issues.

TecgGega deliver technical support services only for computers, software, and peripherals’ drivers registered under the purchased plan. In neither way, we will be responsible for other computers, their software programs, or peripherals.

TecgGega will attend all the calls, emails, and chat sessions with the users to address their concern. We will take all reasonable, possible, and viable efforts in order to offer appropriate resolutions to the computer problems. We assume that all the users calling us are already aware about the need of having the full data backup of their computers whenever they contact us to get support in case of normal issues or disaster recovery cases. TecgGega would not be responsible for data loss during the troubleshooting being conducted by the technician on remote control.

One should clearly understand the danger while downloading any file or content from World Wide Web beyond the disk space available. In addition, downloading and installing the unknown content or software can create security issues for your computer resulting in a computer crash or permanent data loss.

By taking our services, you’re hereby declaring that you would not open your PC or fiddle with it in any way. TecgGega would not be held responsible for the results after doing self-troubleshooting or taking help from other third party service providers. You should always seek our technical support to resolve any PC problem and consult with us even in case of hardware issues.

Exclusion from Services

IOne should agree and understand that TecgGega could not serve you if

  • you’ve carried out some modifications on your PC without our preview, or
  • one have used an incompatible software or peripheral with the registered computer without our remote access or knowledge, or
  • you have not followed the instructions mentioned in a product manual provided by the relevant product manufacturer, or
  • your computer is affected with faulty electrical wiring, tolerated a shock or met with an accident.

Prohibited Use

You should agree not to use TecgGega.com or its content, images or software for any unlawful purpose, which is not applicable as per the laws where TecgGega or you’re located. You would not use our services or this Website in any manner to damage TecgGega facilities and equipments including but not limited to servers, computers, network, and subscriptions. You would not try to get unlawful or unauthorized access to our portals or Websites through hacking or any other means.

Fair Usage Policy

    • TecgGega expects that you make fair usage of our services and Website.
    • We expect that you would use our services only for the registered computer, registered software, and registered peripherals. You would not use our services for unregistered computer in any case.
    • TecgGega will endeavor to do at our best to serve you better with our expert technical support.
    • There can be a situation when TecgGega feel that we have performed all possible steps to fix your computer problem at priority basis. At the best of judgement without prejudice, your concern was resolved but your continuous phone calls or emails are only to harass us intentionally, your service agreement and plan would be terminated.
    • In addition, you also reserve the right to terminate/dismiss service agreement with us but you’re not entitled for refund in this case.
    • You are not allowed to allow other persons to use your own account with us to take services. Any such notification would straightaway lead to the termination of service agreement.
    • You undertake not to create hyperlinks to any URL of the TecgGega Website.
    • You are not authorized to use fake identity or to do an unlawful act while taking our services.
    • You would not interfere within the normal working of TecgGega. You would not cause the damage to us, our reputation, our servers and equipments. In neither way, you would try to hack TecgGega.net or our other Websites, email IDs, or passwords.
    • You will not spread computer virus infections.

Don’t upload any objectionable matter or material like pornographic messages or images at our Website.

  • TecgGega would not be liable, in any manner, to offer support for issues with hardware, Server, ISP, printer, scanner, multi-function devices, routers, and networking devices.
  • While delivering technical support, TecgGega can inquire you to buy and install the third party products on your computer or to get third party services in order to resolve any concern. However, TecgGega is not liable to pay for the suggested product/service, don’t take guarantee of the performance or quality of that product/service, and doesn’t warranty that TecgGega is working on the behalf of the suggested product or service. It’s completely up to you whether you want to go for the suggested service/device or not. If you opt to take the suggested product or service then you should abide with these terms and conditions laid down by the relevant service provider or product manufacturer.
  • One account should be used only by one person. And this account has limited usage scope for the defined devices in the purchased plan.

Renewal Policy

Our One Time Incident Plan is valid for one month, for one issue only. Whereas quarterly is valid for three months, for unlimited issues. None of these plans are Auto renewed. If you want services post the expiry of your subscription, you will have to call and get the subscription renewed.

Refund Policy

If there is any instance where our experts could not resolve the notified issue or the issue is out-of-scope for us, or you’re asking for a refund, then this Refund and Cancellation Policy is applicable. Money Back Guarantee is valid for 7 days for Pay Per Incident Plans beginning g from the time of 1st incident. For other plans, the Money Back Guarantee would remain valid for 30 days from date of purchase. Noteworthy that refund would be done only after deducting the fee for successful issue resolution, services obtained during the period, and other reasonable charges. You can simply call us at our toll free number to request a refund if you’re not satisfied with our plans and services. Your refund would be processed within ten business days or sometimes sooner. Your bank may take two billing cycles to add the credit to your account for credit card and debit card refunds.


You should agree to indemnify, defend, and hold TecgGega, its Affiliates, its Employees, Agents, Officers, and Directors harmless from all Liabilities, Claims, Damages, Expenses and Costs, Attorneys’ Fees in all ways related with your usage of our Services and/or your own Violation of our Terms or a lawsuit rising out of and/or related with your usage of TecgGega..net Website or materials posted herein under your account, even if you’ve not authorized them. You have to undertake for keeping TecgGega indemnify and harmless from your actions leading to legal action and/or court judgement in any way.


This Service Agreement between TecgGega and You shall be terminated/cancelled if you abuse the support or intervene with our system or try to damage it or violate terms of agreement or we cannot offer services due to any kind of incapability or it’s directed by the law or due to any reasons that are beyond our capacity/control preventing us from delivering services to you. We agree to notify You of our decision related to the agreement when the circumstances permit us. You can also terminate the agreement on your own but the refund policy is applicable. You agree and acknowledge that TecgGega can immediately delete or deactivate your user account, other information and files in your account with us.

Limitation to act

If you start to contemplate any action then it must be done within a year starting from the date of cause for the action. You should agree that any extended period of a plan would not be used for alleviating any application under law of limitations to cover an uncoverable older act. There can be a situation where we are held accountable due to any reason, but You must agree now that TecgGega’s liability would not be greater than the amount paid for any plan; especially when any such cause happens.

We, TecgGega, as a merchant shall not be under any liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any Transaction, on Account of the Cardholder having exceeded the preset limit mutually agreed by us with our acquiring bank from time to time.


TecgGega have made each effort to assure the accuracy and correctness of the content offers at the pages at this Website. Still we will not be liable for any inadequacies, omissions, or errors contained in content and for their interpretations. Even if we provide updated content with better accuracy, still some or all content/design/image can go outdated and may subject to change any point of time without any notification. You should take complete responsibility for the usage of this Website and use it at your risk. You can stop using this Website, content, or any other portal in order to get remedy against TecgGega for any dissatisfaction.

Interpretation, Application, and Modification

TecgGega reserve its rights to amend, modify, change, or delete any rules of this Terms and Condition, change the Plans, or their prices, or change any other policy without any notification to you. However, the modified Terms and conditions would be displayed at www.TecgGega.net. You should view these updates at our Website. Any minor or major change can be done after the beginning of your selected plan would be communicated to you by alerts at Terms and Conditions or may be by email.

Terms, Privacy Policy, Service Agreement, and other license agreements create the complete Service Agreement between TecgGega and you and directly govern your usage of our Services.

You reconfirm to read the complete all the terms and conditions mentioned in this Service Agreement. In addition, you even accept them without any kind of reservation based upon any ground. Trademarks

We hereby denies from any kind of association with an organization, brand, person, product or company. Trademarks used at TecgGega.net are for reference purely and they remain the sole property of their respective owners.


If any term or condition of this Service Agreement is held unenforceable or invalid because of applicable laws then only that portion should be enforced to the maximum extent, whereas all remaining provisions of this agreement would remain valid with full effect and force. TecgGega’s failure to impose any terms of this Agreement should not be deemed with a waiver of that provision and not waive off our right to impose the alleged provision.

Jurisdiction & Governing Law

This Service Agreement-cum-Website Terms and Conditions are governed and interpreted by the laws of both United States and the State of New York. You also agree to bound by and submit yourself to the jurisdiction of the New York’s ordinary law courts.


Disclaimer:TechGega is an independent provider of technical support services for several third party brands and does not own any brands supported. If your product is under warranty, the repair service maybe available free from the brand owner. Use of names, trademarks is for reference only. The service we are offering is also available on the website of the brand owners. Call now to get instant access to tech experts.